Let's Start at the Beginning


Does it really make sense?

I mean think about it. Sure, we hear that the sky is falling and there seems to be a Chicken Little at every corner (not to mention a Timmies or a Starbucks, or BOTH).

Coffee is good for you. Coffee is bad for you. Coffee causes cancer. Coffee helps you focus. Coffee helps speed up your metabolism. Coffee keeps you up at night. DUH?!

It seems everyday there’s a new study, a new illness and a new drug to make it all better.

We’re told food is safe, but after people do a bit of investigating, it’s really not. The cloak is removed and all that’s left is the truth.

So when companies are trying to get you to buy their products, does it make sense that they would really come clean on the dangers that lurk in their ingredients if the agencies designed to protect us don’t make it law to report them?

This isn’t fear mongering, it’s the truth

This isn’t fear mongering, it’s the truth.

And isn’t it about time someone started telling you the truth?

I can’t say that every product I use in my home is chemical free, or that I don’t use some commercial brand cosmetics, because they were on sale and I wanted to go out to dinner that week, more than I wanted to spend a fortune on face cream.

But what I can tell you is, I’m just like you. I care about my health, I care about the health of others, and I want to make a difference. Slowly, I am making changes in the things that I eat, the products that I buy and the way that I live.

I think that if I switched every single product I use, all at once, I’d be living on a street corner, sharing a cardboard box and hanging out with Chicken Little.

That’s not realistic, at least not for me. And I know that.

But like you, I make little changes. I have lots of conversations with my friends, colleagues and family.

I’m human. I don’t scare easily and you can’t fool me.

I’m not going to buy something just because you tell me it’s good or safe.

Show me the facts. Or to me, you’re just another Chicken Little, and I’ve seen just about enough of them.

Unless she can sell me a coffee, then I’m sold!