How Conscious Are You?

I was reading an article today about orange juice.

I’ve often had the debate with friends who love the breakfast drink, about its nutritional value.

When we were kids, our parents were told, mostly from television ads, that orange juice was full of vitamin C and nutrients and that it was good for us. Hell, astronauts even drank Tang, and that stuff was just a bunch of sugar crystals!

This graph of breakfast foods shows us the comparison of sugar content.


(CLICK on the image to enlarge it. Some of the products are American but you get the idea).

Personally, I KNOW that certain processed products have a ton of sugar in them, and aren't likely any good for me, but because I’m in a hurry, forgot to stop at the market, or am just craving something different, I fall into the habits that many North Americans do. We become addicted to the taste of sugar, our bodies crave it. Only when we can do somewhat of a ‘detox’ can our bodies get a rest.

We all know that taking care of ourselves is important

We all know that taking care of ourselves is important, but perhaps being just a little more conscious of what we’re putting in the fuel tank, may help us go a little farther down the road.

I once heard on a TV talk show, someone say, “Sugar is poison for your body”. You wouldn't subject your kids to cleaning solution fumes that might make them sick or allow someone to smoke in your car with the windows closed, so why do we not think injecting scads of hidden ‘poison’ into our bodies is a good thing? Or even just acceptable?

Something to think about.