Spring Cleaning: Where to Start?

I happened to ‘Google’ (still seems odd that Google is a verb too) ‘spring cleaning’ and stumbled upon Peter Walsh’s Spring Cleaning Tips. For those unfamiliar with Walsh, he was Oprah’s go-to person when she did some of the most dramatic segments on ‘hoarding’. He’s the organizer and also, in my opinion, a bit of a therapist too.

With that in mind, I’m suggesting that ‘spring cleaning’ in general could hold some free therapy for many of us.

What’s the old saying? Clearing away the cobwebs? We do the same thing in our own minds. When seasons change, it’s somehow a new beginning and for those of us who live in areas with some severely chilly temperatures in winter and some sweltering heat waves in the summer, spring is an opportunity to open the windows, let the sunshine in, and get the dirt, grime and disarray, out the door AND out of our minds!

So as Mother Nature slowly wakes up from her winter’s nap, it’s our chance for a new start, a new regime, renewed interest or a clean slate.

Keep checking back, we’ll offer some tips and tricks but ultimately, it’s up to you how you view your spring.

Here’s suggesting you grab hold of that newness and run with it!