The Winds of Change

Many of us here in Canada are waiting anxiously for the weather to change. That’s not to say we haven’t experienced some shocking floods with some high temperatures and some challenging conditions with bone-chilling low temps, but mostly, it’s been the see-saw between the two that has us craving spring.

We’re ready for some stability, some sunshine and some heat!

As with any change, and frankly change really IS inevitable, there are typically challenges. Change is hard, not just to endure, like the weather, but change in our our lives, changes we want to make, and stick to.

Not everyone likes to embrace change. Stability is comfortable, and it’s what we know, but some of the greatest confidence boosters come, when you push through your comfort zone and in doing so, push through ‘change’.

Many of us struggle with the switch that goes between WANTING to make a change and actually MAKING the change and putting it into action. How many of us have started a Monday morning saying, “I’m going to the gym 3 times this week, starting today!,” “I’m going to pay those bills down,” or “Better eating starts TODAY!”.

Maybe we set ourselves up for failure by putting  too much pressure on ourselves. There have been countless psychology papers written about stuff like that by people more educated about it than me.

As an observer and participant in my own life, I can say it comes down to, “Are you worth it?” Because, honestly, YOU are the only one responsible for making changes in your own life.

I read a Canadian Press article today that stated,

“Canada’s middle-class is mortgaging its future to stay afloat, making the Canadian dream “a myth more than a reality. That’s the blunt assessment of an internal Conservative government report, an unvarnished account of the plight of middle-income families that’s in contrast to the rosier economic picture in this month’s budget.”

We want people to think that our lives are better than they are, but that’s living in a false reality. We are so worried though about keeping up with everyone else, that we fail to see we make our OWN reality. We get to choose.

So as another Monday morning ticks away, I challenge you to face your ‘reality’, whether you want to remove sugar from your diet, curb your excess spending, or become just a little more physically active, make that change! But change for YOURSELF!

The weather will change. Your own personal ‘wind of change’ is not so absolute.

Embrace it today.