14 Fun & Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Whether you have young kids at home, or a creative spirit of your own, Easter Egg decorating is a fun way to welcome back spring and create a few Easter-themed decorations. For some families egg decorating is a yearly tradition, for others, this may be a first attempt. My mother and I were loyal egg decorators for many years. We've tried all the tricks, failing at some, and succeeding at others. The year we discovered using tape as a mask really opened up a lot of doors for us! Sometimes we'd make it a neighbourhood event, other times we'd keep it to a bare, obligatory minimum. But either way, we had fun and made a brilliant mess getting the job done! 

Egg decorating can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. For some people, a few pots of colour and a roll of masking tape is enough. For others, egg decorating can be a full-blown day of activity with extremely complicated and beautiful results. Whatever your style, a little planning ahead will ensure a fun afternoon, instead of a scramble to find your art supplies. I recommend hard boiling your eggs and gathering your supplies the day before you start. That way, you'll have time to run out and purchase anything you are missing, and you can sit down to decorate with a fresh mind! 

Check out these 14 inspiring Easter Egg decorating ideas and let your imagination soar!

1. Water Colour Easter Eggs

2. Gold Leaf Globes

3. Pineapple Easter Eggs

Source:  DIY Studio

Source: DIY Studio

4. Get Creative with Glue, String and Foil Paper

Source:  Design Sponge

Skip the artificial food colouring and use glue, string and paper foil instead!

5. Love Eggs

Use masking or painters tape to create any shape you like. Dip your eggs in dye, wait for them to dry, then peel off the tape to reveal your shape below! 

6. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Source:  Lovely Indeed

7. Make it a Moustache!

Source:  No. 2 Pencil

Source: No. 2 Pencil

8. Black & White Easter Eggs

Source:  Obviously Sweet

A monochrome palette gives your eggs unique style! 

9. Bird & Insect Themed Eggs

Source:  Country Living

These were created by printing these images on tattoo paper. Click the source link for instructions and downloadable templates. 

10. Doodle Easter Eggs

Source:  Alisa Burke

Source: Alisa Burke

Grab a Sharpie and go to town with crazy doodles! 

11. Natural Dyes Create Unexpectedly Vibrant Hues

Source:  The Kitchn

Source: The Kitchn

Instead of using artificial food colouring, use natural, homemade dyes instead. If you are going to use natural dyes, be sure to plan well in advance so you aren't spending a lot of time making the dyes on the same day you were planning to decorate eggs! 

12. Decoupage Eggs

Source:  SewforSoul

Source: SewforSoul

The sky is the limit with these decoupage eggs; newsprint, book pages, doodles, anything goes! 

13. Chirping Chick Eggs

14. Paint Splattered Eggs

Bring out your inner Jackson Pollack with these paint-splattered eggs. Just make sure to lay down newspaper and wear something you don't mind accidentally decorating!