12 Brilliant Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mason Jars are hot right now; it seems that you can't browse Pinterest, or almost any blog, without finding countless recipes, crafts, and gifts, all starring the humble mason jar! Inspired by an avalanche of these ideas, we decided to put together a Mother's Day Gift Guide to celebrate the mason jar, and all the wonderful things that one can fit inside!

Read on for 12 gift ideas that Mom will remember for years to come. Even after the gift is long gone, she'll probably still get use from the awesome mason jar that it came in! 

1. Mason Jar Succulent Planter

Source:  Lolly Jane

Source: Lolly Jane

A fantastic gift that keeps on giving and will last for years if properly cared for. 

2. Candy-filled Mason Jar

Who wouldn't love a jar filled with their favourite candy? Add a custom sticker to the top with your own special message!  

3. Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Make sure to use a plastic cup as a liner to avoid ruining the photo inside the jar.  

4. Homemade Granola in  a Mason Jar

Source:  inchmark

Source: inchmark

A jar of homemade snacks to take on the go!

5. DIY Mason Jar Candles

Homemade candles are surprisingly easy to make; make it a scented candle by adding your favourite essential oil. 

6. Fill a Mason Jar with Mom's Favourite Goodies

Source:  Lil' Luna

Source: Lil' Luna

You'd be surprised at how many small treats and goodies you can fit in a mason jar, use a ballon to make a colourful covering. 

7. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser 

Source:  She Uncovered

We'd fill the empty soap & lotion dispensers with all-natural ZU hand soap & lotion!

8. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Keep Mom supplied with fresh herbs all summer long with this beautifully set up mason jar herb garden! 

9. DIY Mason Jar Twine Dispenser

Source:  Garden Therapy

The best way to keep garden or kitchen twine clean, tangle-free and easily stored. 

10. DIY Mani/Pedi Mason Jar

You are even more likely to score some extra brownie points for helping with the mani/pedi after giving the gift! 

11. Mason Jar of Sunshine

Source:  Ribbons & Glue

Cheerful yellow candies and colourful ribbons make this happy jar a win! 

12. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

If Mom's not into sewing, you can make a crafting, or scrapbooking jar instead!

The only limit with mason jars is the amount of stuff you can fit inside, so consider the things your someone special really values, and create a custom idea to really impress them! Let us know in the comments if you come up with any unique ideas not seen on this list. Happy Mother's Day shopping!