5 Easy Tips for Natural Spring Cleaning

Ah, Spring. That exciting time of year when rejuvenating feelings of a new beginning start to emerge. Days become warmer and longer and the less-than-favorable winter blues start to dissipate. For many, this time of year parallels a need to get a jump start on re-organizing our lives as we resurface from our wintery hibernations. From decluttering the house and garage to starting that new project you’ve been thinking about all winter long, spring is the best time to cross those to-do’s off your list. Here’s few tips to help you get started!

1. Chase away those dust bunnies!

Often times during the colder, dryer months, our living spaces become saturated with dust due to lack of air circulation in the home. When doors and windows are sealed up tight for months on end, you may start to notice an ever-thickening layer of dust settling on every surface as far as the eye can see. Not only is this unsightly to look at, dust can also be bad for our health.

Fortunately, with the help of a ZU Double Trouble Mitt, a thorough dusting of the surfaces in your home can be done quickly and easily. Dusting is the best way to kick off your spring cleaning spirit and really get you in the mood to tackle the tasks below! Open up the windows and let natural air circulation do the rest; your home will feel fresher in no time! 

2. Swap Cool-Weather Clothing for Warm-Weather Clothing (My personal fav!)

Look familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! However, there’s something special about putting away heavy sweaters and long pants while pulling out summer tanks and shorts that always puts a giant smile on my face! Thoughts of warm patios and long summer drives flood my brain. And the thought that spring is just being the beginning of warmer weather only enhances that excitement!

I really only have one rule when it comes to swapping cool and warm-weather clothing. As I root through the plastic bin of warm-weather clothing, I examine each item and ask myself, “has this been worn in the last 12 months?” If the answer is “no”, the item immediately finds itself in the donation bin. What’s great about this process is the much needed extra space I find for storage of newer items!

Living in an apartment with limited space, I personally like to use neatly labelled plastic storage bins to hold my fall and winter clothes and shoes (bon voyage!). I keep them nicely stacked in my spare bedroom closet. Tip: Be sure to always store extra clothing somewhere cool and dry, and if possible, clean the items before placing them in storage.

3. A clean car is a happy car! (Or so my dad always says!)

What a great time to clean out the old fast-food cups, snow brushes and winter mats from your vehicle and give it a good overall scrub-down! Having a freshly cleaned car, ready to cruise the streets with the windows down and the sunroof open, really ignites happy feelings of summer days ahead!

A thorough car scrubbing is a fairly large spring cleaning job, so I always break out ZU's ZUUM Clean Car Package to truly save the day! This package includes two fantastic cleaning solutions and the appropriate tools to make car cleaning a breeze. First, I grab the Double-Trouble Mitt to get the basics and dust the interior surfaces of my car. Then, I switch to a ZU Micro Suede Cloth cloth to buff the surfaces to a shining finish. Next, I tackle the windows.

In years past, I found myself going through at least one, sometimes two rolls of paper towel and about half a bottle of ammonia-filled glass cleaner just to clean my car’s windows. I simply couldn’t justify it any longer. Now, I use a ZU Micro Glass Cloth which works using only water to leave my windows clean and streak-free in no time! Once the windows are clean, I change from winter to summer mats, give the car a quick vacuum, and before you know it, it’s time to give the outside a bath!

I get started by using ZU’s Hard Surface Cleaner to remove small tar specs and any dead bugs or tough stains left from harsh winter road conditions. What’s great about this product is that it’s safe on painted car surfaces. With the Hard Surface paste, I always use a fresh, clean micro cloth. That way, I know there aren’t any small particles left in the fibers from previous jobs that may potentially scratch my car’s surface. Next, I scrub down the rims by applying Hard Surface with a Micro Cleaning Sponge. This is where Hard Surface Cleaner shines, literally! Check out the before and after photos below, I think they speak for themselves!

Finally, I bath my beauty in ZU’s all-natural, environmentally safe ZUUM AutoWash; the result is a lovely sparkling finish! With no lingering worries about what type of soapy chemicals I’m leaving behind in the environment. With these few simple ZU products, this once-tedious spring cleaning job may just become your new summer hobby. And your car will thank you!

4. Show your floors some love! (Especially those forgotten corners beneath appliances and furniture.)

Yuck! Those dreaded, creepy, hairy creatures lurking below my heavy furniture items… Amiright? Chances are I’m not alone with a buildup of dust, hair and food particles under my sofa and fridge that have accumulated during the cold months. What better time than now to move furniture items out from their usual homes and give the floors below a good old-fashioned scrubbing! Time to refresh, renew and restore your floors to their original beauty!

I happen to have both laminate and tiled floors in my apartment and although I try to move and clean below heavy items as often as possible, sometimes these places go unnoticed. Out of sight, out of mind, right? As you can see below, it appears as though I have a small petting zoo in my apartment, however, I can assure you that I do not. That, my friends, is an accumulation of dust, hair and other particles that have congressed below my sofa over the past several months. Where do I turn? To the ZU Mop System of course! It includes everything you need to clean all the large surfaces in your home, including floors and walls!

To get started, I used the static-charged dry white Dusting Pad to collect the excessive dust and large particles from my floor. The dusting pad is a pro at quickly and easily grabbing and holding both dust and dirt, effectively removing it from your floor. Next, I turn to the Heavy Duty Mop Pad. This  useful fellow can effectively clean an entire floor using only water. Run it under a warm water tap, and then use the easy Velcro attachments to secure it to the mop head. Rinse and repeat as often as needed until the job is done. Once the floors have been cleaned, I like to spray them with few squirts of ZU’s Floor Cleaner, which is great for wood floors and laminates, to add a little extra “shine” and to leave a natural clean scent behind!







5. Gut’er Done! Gut the cupboards and ransack the fridge.

Often times when warm weather arrives, our thoughts turn to being outside, getting active again and staying healthy by engaging in new spring and summer activities. For me, spring time also sheds light on what I’m putting into my body to maintain a balanced nutritional diet. Regrettably, I have a habit of turning to those favourite “comfort foods” of winter. Thankfully, come spring, I feel a strong urge to cut back and start re-introducing healthy and colourful foods into my regular diet. I like to take this opportunity to clean out my cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer and throw away those nasty leftovers. Like last Thursday’s pizza, or heaven forbid, the turkey stuffing plate from last year’s Thanksgiving! Fill the newly created empty space with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Being in a small apartment, space for food storage is always at a premium. Gutting the cupboards and fridge always clears some room, and allows you to eliminate any small science experiments you forgot you were conducting! After removing everything from my cupboards, I clean each shelf, getting rid of any old food and beverage stains along the way.  

For my wood cupboards, I use ZU’s all-purpose Universal Cleaner to not only eliminate spots and spills with ease, but also to leave a great all-natural scent behind! Although not strictly necessary, the natural scent of lemon helps my sense of  accomplishment while cleaning. After all, that lingering “clean smell” lets me know that the job is done! For the tougher jobs, like the shelves in my fridge, I once again break out ZU's Hard Surface Cleaner to tackle grimy, sticky stains. A final once over with Universal Cleaner and my shelves are restored to their “pre-winter” beauty! My fridge is now delightfully clean, empty and ready to receive healthy, delicious food again!

Spring cleaning and cleaning in general aren’t always the most exciting or glamorous tasks. But I know that following these 5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips will help whip your place into shape in no time! Leaving you with more valuable free time to spend outdoors as the warm weather approaches.